One of the main jobs of an event organiser is to decide on the right type of lighting. This is important because it will dictate the ambiance and functionality. If it is too dark it could cause a health and safety issue. Conversely, if it is too bright the room may feel too sterile.

The first thing the organiser needs to consider is what the main purpose of the lighting should be. Will it be used to follow one person around? Will it serve more of a background role? Once this has been understood the organiser can then pick the ideal lighting type. There are several tried and tested ones that have been proven to help make events successful.

LED Uplights

Can be used to make small spaces seem less claustrophobic. They are a common rental option for the event lighting industry. Columns of light give the illusion of wider walls and higher ceilings.

Ellipsoidal Spotlights

The theatre industry has utilised this type of light because of its reliability. They emit a sharp and strong light circle onto surfaces. There is a good level of versatility in terms of hard/soft lighting tones.

Follow-Spot Lights

A very bright instrument that is used to draw attention to performers or speakers. The main difference between this and ellipsoidal spotlights is it requires an operator to manually follow presenters as they move.

LED Wall Washers

Gives walls a linear wash of light to brighten up the event venue. This type is perfect for people looking for clean and attractive lighting backdrops.

Different Types Of Lighting For Events