Marquees are the perfect structures for a great variety of events, such as weddings. They offer shelter to guests whilst also looking classy. If event organisers are considering hiring out a marquee then they need to be aware of several things.

They Can Be Utilised Throughout The Year

Whilst the warmer months of the year are traditionally the time for getting married this has begun to change. The popularity of winter weddings has risen amongst couples. The good news is that a decent marquee will be able to cater to events regardless of whether it is hot or cold. Some even come with heating and air conditioning units installed.

The Floor Does Not Have To Be Even

Event organisers may worry that the marquee needs to have a flat surface to stay upright. This could cause them to avoid booking venues that have sloping ground such as hilly areas. However, modern marquees have enough ballast to stay secure regardless of the floor angle.

They Can Be Erected On Practically Any Surface

Marquees tend to pin to the ground with the use of footplates. This gives them an impressive level of versatility when it comes to the types of surfaces they can stand on. This includes softer ones such as grass, as well as hard flooring. If the event is being held on tarmac or concrete then weight ballasts could be used.

They Can Connect To Buildings

Marquees are not always separate detached structures. They could instead act as additional temporary rooms for brick and mortar buildings. Such connections can be made more seamless with corridors. This makes marquees ideal for a plethora of different logistical functions.

Things To Know When Hiring Marquees